• User friendly language

    BLÚ is organized along the lines of interactively programmable operating cycles with a simple, intuitive display format.

  • A single system

    BLÚ includes and surpasses all the machine tool monitoring and/or process control applications in a single system.

  • Modularity

    BLÚ consists of a series of Function Nodes interconnected to form a proprietary network using a single Bus managed by the Master Node.

  • History and future

    This system is the result of over 50 years of experience in the management and optimization of machine tool working processes.

  • Integrable

    BLÚ has been designed to allow the maximum level of integrability within the machine tool.

  • Reliable

    The modules and interconnecting components are designed to resist even the most aggressive machining environments, guarantee total mechanical reliability.

  • Fast and easy to install

    The size of the single modules means they are easy to install both inside and outside the working area.

  • Flexible

    The operating logic, which has been designed for use with a range of different operating modes, provides the user with all the information and functions necessary to carry out the various operations.